Unistore – the university store; provides supplementary booklets for courses and also includes photocopies, plotter prints, personal print services which are provided by computers provided for customers’ use, gsm accessories, pc accessories, colored or black and white digital prints on papers of various thickness according to the needs of the customers. In addition binding, carding, and all types of stationery products, hobby materials (canvas, brush and paint options), computer materials, printer papers, souvenirs and licensed items with the Yasar University logo (sweatshirts, scarves, keyholders, T-shirts, flags and hats ). As stated in the motto “more than a copy”, Unistore, which is run with a contemporary service mentality in which you can find much more than prints, is a university store that can answer to all your needs with its different products.

All the products provided are of high quality brands and materials. Customer centered and friendly services are the basic principles of Unistore.